Working with the EGF

The Educate Global Fund (EGF) is a new investment advisor and asset manager dedicated to building the links between education and work, in developing countries. EGF brought to us at quite a late stage an urgent need to crystallize a mass of information and thoughts into a potent series of compelling arguments, to persuade private finance to fund this new impact investment. This we did, to the complete satisfaction of the client – as evidenced by the testimonial from EGF’s founder, Sandrine Henton. Currently in the process of a significant capital raise, EGF used Orwell’s assistance in the research and creation of its fund-raising documentation, which is now being used in the initial finance-raising discussions with private and public-sector donors. The essence of EGF – turning the vicious spiral of long-term decline in developing countries into a virtuous circle, by backing socially beneficial SMEs that boost educational opportunities – needed to be brought into focus, to make a plausible case to potential donors. This was smoothly achieved thanks to  Orwell’s key philosophy: we listen, we think, we act in harmony with the client.

“Orwell helped me enormously by crystallizing my thoughts at an early stage of the Educate Global Fund, and turning those ideas into clear, succinct and powerful copy. Thanks to Orwell, EGF now has a very clear, purposeful, and influential statement of our mission.”

Sandrine Henton, founder of Educate Global Fund.

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