Orwell creates new website and branding for social enterprise company 3SC

An iPad user looks at the new 3SC website

Orwell Content has just completed work on an entirely new corporate identity and website for 3SC, the London-based social enterprise firm.

In addition Orwell will be launching a new monthly e-publication, 3SC Impact, which addresses some of the major issues in 3SC’s sector. All content and design has been created by us.

You can see the new website and publication here and here.

3SC has existed since 2009. Its main business is the aggregation of small-to-medium sized third sector enterprises, putting them together to have a stronger clout when it comes to bidding for public sector contracts. 3SC was and is self-evidently an intelligent organisation – but it lacked sufficiently influential content and a contemporary brand identity and website to enable it to keep up with a rapidly changing world.

We held many meetings with 3SC’s executive over the months, identifying the needs of the revamped organisation, and proposed a new brand identity together with new straplines that better reflected what they do. 3SC eventually settled the line Partnerships with Purpose.

The new strapline signifies that 3SC is now partnering with other social enterprises, to expand its business model, and extend its reach not just into the public but also the private sector. The previous strapline – the future of public services – was felt to no longer truly reflect the new business model of the organisation.

The old website was felt to be cluttered with information and above all it failed to capture 3SC’s ambition to become a thought leader and actor in the rapidly changing third sector space.

John Swinney, chair of 3SC, says of Orwell work: “Orwell Content has hugely impressed me with their professionalism. Their skills come from years of experience. Their patient attention to what we needed was unparalleled – and the delivery and execution of the work was smooth, trouble-free and of the highest standard. Full marks!”

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